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This service is only available to The Scout Association approved members. This facility enables ID verifiers and applicants to complete a DBS check on-line. The menu options above provide more information.

If you experience any difficulties using the system or require use of this facility and do not have a username or login, please contact The Scout Information Centre on 0345 300 1818

Code of Practice

Disclosure information is information contained in criminal record certificates under the Police Act 1997. The DBS Code of Practice sets out obligations for everyone participating in the Disclosure process and is intended to ensure that personal information is:

  • Handled and stored appropriately
  • Kept only as long as necessary
  • Used fairly and provides assurances to applicants

The Scout Association fully complies with the Code in using, storing, retaining and disposing of Disclosures and Disclosure information. Strict guidelines and controls ensure information is protected throughout the process.

The information provided on this page is a synopsis of the rights and expectations of those that use the service. More information about Disclosures can be found in the menu area and in an information booklet provided by the DBS.

Common Questions

What is a Disclosure?

A Disclosure is a document containing information held by police and government departments. It can be used by employers and voluntary organisations to make safer recruitment decisions.

The Disclosure service offers organisations a means to check the background of applicants to ensure that they do not have a history that would make them unsuitable for posts they are trying to fill. Disclosures will provide details of a person's criminal record, including convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer (PNC).

What sort of Disclosure do I need?

The role you have applied for with The Scout Association will determine what level of disclosure is required.

What information will I be required to include on my Disclosure form?

In completing the form you are required to include:

  • Your full name, and any other name that you may have been known by
  • Details of addresses where you have lived during the past five years
  • Your date and place of birth
  • Your national insurance number
  • In addition, you will be required to provide personal identification documents, including items such as your passport and/or driving licence

The information requested is required by the DBS to ensure that they are able to confirm and verify your true identity and current address. You should note that in providing this service the DBS and The Scout Association are committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act. This means that any personal information submitted will be protected. For more information about Data protection, please see the link in the menu area.

What happens when I have completed my Online Disclosure application form?

Your application will then be submitted to the DBS electronically via a secure Home Office portal and once completed you will receive a paper disclosure certificate in the post from the DBS.

Can I challenge the information on my Disclosure if it is incorrect?

Yes. If you believe the personal information on your Disclosure is incorrect, please contact the DBS on 03000 200 190 and select option 2. You should also advise The Scout Association if you are disputing the information on your certificate so they are aware of additional delays in seeing your certificate.

Useful Links

Useful Links

This section has been provided to help visitors find further information on Disclosure. The links provided are done so purely to assist you, no affiliation is claimed by displaying these links.

Helpful Links

Data Protection - Please Read The Following

Responsibility for your personal data

The Scout Association provides this facility under license agreement with Atlantic Data Ltd the provider of, a wholly owned service provided by Atlantic Data Ltd. The DBS Application is processed on behalf of The Scout Association by Atlantic Data Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act and DBS Code of Practice. The Scout Association is the 'Data Controller'. Both The Scout Association and Atlantic Data Ltd have undertaken to hold this data securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the DBS Code of Practice.

Data Protection Policy

This policy covers the following:

  • Applicant data
  • Your rights
  • Retention of data
  • Storage of data
  • Subject access
  • Notification of changes to this policy
  • Contact details

Applicant data

We process applicant information for the purpose of completing a Criminal Record Disclosure check. The information required ensures a Disclosure application can be completed correctly. The information is necessary in order to ensure your existing and continuing suitability for the role you have applied for.

The Scout Association are entitled to ask applicants exempted questions under the Exemptions order under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1976, to help determine an applicant's suitability for certain positions.

Atlantic Data will store your personal data in order to enable The Scout Association to complete a Criminal Record check. You may make a request to remove yourself from our database - please contact The Scout Association at the address provided below.

Your Rights

The following conditions apply when processing your personal data:

  • Data is only processed with your consent
  • Only required information is collected, processed and retained
  • Data is only seen by those authorised to do so
  • Data is only used for its intended purpose
  • Data is only retained for as long as is necessary for its intended purpose
  • Data is kept safely and protected from unauthorised access
  • Data is protected from accidental disclosure
  • Data is not transferred outside the European Economic Area
  • Data is destroyed safely and securely when no longer required
  • Individuals may request information held by us about them by making a Subject Access Request under the DPA.

Retention of data

The Scout Association will retain personal data processed in obtaining a Criminal Records Disclosure Check for no longer than is necessary in compliance with The Scout Association’s rules and in accordance with the DPA.

Storage of data

Your data is held in secure computer files, which have restricted access.

Subject access

Your data is held in secure computer files, which have restricted access.

Subject access

You can contact us to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you. The fee is £10.00. Requests must be made in writing to The Scout Association at the address given below

As we must be sure that we are releasing information to the right person, you will be asked to supply information to prove your identity.

Notification of changes to this policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on our web site.

Contact Details

The Scout Association
Gilwell Park
Bury Road
E4 7QW
0345 300 1818

Contact Details

The Scout Association
Gilwell Park
Bury Road
E4 7QW
0345 300 1818

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